Korean Trendsetters, Kpop stars and dramas are driving product sales and supporting economic growth. How can your brand ride this ever expanding wave?

The Korean wave “Hallyu” submerges the Asian region from North to South. Korean celebrities, Korean music, Korean dramas, Korean fashion, Korean cosmetics, everything Korean sells incredibly well since the cultural phenomenon first started in the late 90’s. Why this Korean craze so contagious? What does it mean for global brands willing to enter the Asian market?

Korean pop culture took off in Asia in the late 90’s and the Korean music industry grew dramatically reaching $4.3bn in 2017. Korean stars are considered as role models for many Asian teens and as sex symbols by many adults, from Indonesia to China.

Wandering around Seoul you would be amazed by the number of subway adverts wishing K-pop idols a happy birthday. Chinese fans pay high amount of money to display their personal messages on Seoul’s underground billboards. It’s a real street guerrilla that also takes place online between fans willing to show who’s love is the strongest.

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