International Women’s Day 2017

Posted on Mar 8, 2017


In South Korea, women have only 56% of the economic opportunities compared to men.

We stand for Women’s Rights and want to forge a more inclusive, gender equal world. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 our team decided to launch two initiatives in support to this day and to create awareness.

We released a video highlighting our 45 amazing female team members, who support our clients and strengthen our agency every day.
They represent a total of 70% of our team members and 80% of top management. In our industry it is too rare to have such a high percentage of women in top Executive positions. 

Working with Asiance Lab teams, we kickstarted “Wonderful Woman” Challenge on Instagram.
The challenge to participate was to let everyone know women are wonderful, by sharing a power pose photo and tagging a friend to share their own power pose. We also asked men to join the campaign by doing the same and share why they think women are wonderful.

Campaign participants used the following hashtag to join #WondefulWomanChallenge #원더풀우먼챌린지
Like them, we believe all women are wonderful and they deserve to be respected.
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Creating online buzz for Roland-Garros offline events in Seoul

Posted on Jul 13, 2016

Asiance worked with the FFT (Fédération Française de Tennis) on promoting Roland-Garros, the French Open, and the offline events that were held in Seoul this Spring.

In April, the FFT organized a series of events called ‘Rendez-vous a Roland-Garros’ in Seoul. Asiance worked with 16 power bloggers and 40 online communities to cover the events online. Along with this viral campaign, Asiance also managed a media campaign as well as brand blog content to further communicate about the events. The campaign succeeded in generating interest, awareness and engagement online, as well as in driving traffic to the offline events promoted.

In May and June, we actively promoted the Roland-Garros tournament and its offline events happening in Seoul, called ‘Roland-Garros in the city’, through frequent posting on the brand blog, media buying, and a viral campaign leveraging power bloggers.

During the Roland-Garros tournament, we collaborated with power bloggers to publish content inviting their audience to visit the ‘Roland-Garros in the city’ venue at Seoul’s City Hall Plaza, and to enjoy the numerous activities offered there: playing tennis on a clay court, watching a game in VR, watching the tournament through live broadcasting on a big screen… The campaign successfully generated interest and engagement with the online content, and drove traffic to the venue throughout the event.

After the tournament, in June, Asiance worked with the FFT to create a series of 4 videos about two Korean ambassadors’ (Jeon Mira and Yoon Jong Shim) attendance at Roland-Garros. These short videos were promoted on selected media channels and on Facebook pages to extend the Roland-Garros experience after the tournament ended.

Overall, this year’s events and online campaigns were very successful in establishing the Roland-Garros brand among Koreans and Asiance was proud to work on such exciting projects. We are looking forward to seeing what the 2017 tournament will bring to Korea!

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Evasion world trip event

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Asiance worked with Evasion to launch a summer event this month, called the “Evasion world trip event”, bringing summer games to your screen!

We created an online trivia board game in two steps: the ‘Asia stage’ and the ‘Global stage’. For each stage, players roll the dice to move their pawn on the board, and have to answer 3 questions related to Evasion’s hotel offer. While the first stage focuses on Evasion’s beautiful hotels in Asia, the second stage emphasizes the international dimension of Evasion’s offer with breathtaking views from hotels all around the world.

Upon completion of both stages, players can register to the event and try to win a trip to London or a stay in Taipei. As a members-only event, users have to use or create their Evasion account to enter the contest. Targeting members, this game helps increase awareness about several Evasion hotels, while it creates brand awareness among new members.

Try your luck here until July 17th:


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Successful cashback event for American Express and Net-A-Porter

Posted on Apr 25, 2016

Last month, Asiance worked with American Express to launch a fashion-oriented cashback event in order to increase brand perception as the ultimate credit card for overseas purchases.

From February 22nd to March 20th, 2016, holders of American Express® Cards issued by Samsung Cards benefited from a 15% rebate at luxury fashion retailer Net-A-Porter. The event was promoted on the brand’s communication channels (Facebook, NAVER Blog, company website) and supported by collaboration with a power blogger, a press release, Facebook advertising, and mobile advertising targeting department stores and premium locations.

Overall the campaign was a great success, with a peak in engagement on Amex Facebook page and a significant increase in sales made with Amex Samsung Cards. This special event is part of American Express’s partnerships with overseas online retailers in the brand’s efforts to position itself as the best card for overseas shopping for Koreans.

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Embassy of France in Seoul, Institut Français and Naver launch French Cast channel

Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Following on the letter of intent signed in November 2015 by Naver’s CEO Kim Sang-heon and France’s Minister of Culture and Communication Fleur Pellerin, the Institut Français and the Embassy of France in Seoul launched the French Cast yesterday on Naver TVcast. With the year of France in Korea starting this month, the Institut Français and the Embassy of France in Seoul want to broaden the perception of France in Korea by immersing Koreans in France’s rich culture.

The French Cast is the first video channel in Korea to be entirely dedicated to France, offering Korean subtitled videos on various topics such as culture, sport, tourism, etc. With new videos uploaded regularly, the French Cast aims to give Koreans access to high-quality and exclusive contents to widen their vision of France.

Hosted on Naver TVcast, the channel is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any support: mobile, tablet, and desktop. With 24 million Koreans using Naver from their smartphone monthly, the Institut Français and the Embassy of France in Seoul intend to bring a bit of France into their life.

Asiance is working with the Institut Français and the Embassy of France in Seoul to promote the French Cast channel in Korea. Stay tuned for new videos and exclusive events in the upcoming months!

In the meantime, visit the French Cast to discover a rich selection of videos exploring France and its culture:

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Launch campaign in the US

Posted on Dec 15, 2015

Asiance has been working with Newvit to launch its phone case brand STIL in the US market.

The brand identity is unique and highly fashion-centered, thus the campaign theme is “Mobile Fashion Week”. We created a responsive campaign site including motion effects, which offers a virtual fashion show experience to viewers. The team focused on how they could put together interactively enjoyable user flow alongside strategic sales triggers.


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