Launch campaign in the US

Posted on Dec 15, 2015

Asiance has been working with Newvit to launch its phone case brand STIL in the US market.

The brand identity is unique and highly fashion-centered, thus the campaign theme is “Mobile Fashion Week”. We created a responsive campaign site including motion effects, which offers a virtual fashion show experience to viewers. The team focused on how they could put together interactively enjoyable user flow alongside strategic sales triggers.


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Responsive website creation for Hotel Cappuccino

Posted on Dec 3, 2015

Asiance developed and designed a responsive website for Hotel Cappuccino. This urban lifestyle hotel, located in Gangnam, is the perfect home for international travelers as well as Seoulites.

Focusing on global standard design to reveal the personality of Hotel Cappuccino and customer’s behavior, the website allows users to make reservations in an intuitive way. Our team focused on developing an efficient website, including a quick accessible booking system, smooth dynamic animated content, and accessibility for all devices in both English and Korean.

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Asiance brings its client a new UX dimension through user tests

Posted on Aug 22, 2015

Asiance conducted a usability testing project on both desktop and mobile in-office, where one of the meeting rooms was converted into a user testing studio, just for the occasion.

Users were in a room testing a website on desktop as well as on mobile, while persons from the company were in another room, observing how users were interacting with their website and hearing their comments.

The test was for a major luxury platform to bring them a new UX experience dimension and optimize their conversion funnel. Koreans access information in a different way and user tests are the best way for a client to gain a deep understanding of the local market.


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Grévin Seoul website

Posted on Jul 19, 2015


After Paris and Montreal, the famous wax museum Grévin opened its first Asian location in Seoul!

Before the grand opening, Asiance created a responsive and user friendly local homepage for the Seoul Grevin museum, that allowed users to reserve their tickets. Asiance also created QR codes that direct the users to the pages with the required information in 4 different languages for the different sections in the museum. These information pages are only accessible by scanning the QR codes.


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KASI’s new website

Posted on Nov 26, 2014

Asiance recently launched a new website in both Korean and English for KASI’s Korea Space Weather Research Center. (more…)

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Atout France – Facebook campaign 2013

Posted on Jun 11, 2013

When the word “France” appears to Koreans, what comes up in their minds? Asking it to people around, no one would be surprised if the most of them answer “Tour Eiffel” or “Paris”.

To change this, Asiance, together with Atout France – The France Tourism Development Agency – decided to show Korea that there are far away much more places to go and things to see in France rather than Paris.  But how can we tell them that there are lots of other beautiful, interesting cities in France without boring people to tears?

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