Asiance worked with Evasion to launch a summer event this month, called the “Evasion world trip event”, bringing summer games to your screen!

We created an online trivia board game in two steps: the ‘Asia stage’ and the ‘Global stage’. For each stage, players roll the dice to move their pawn on the board and have to answer 3 questions related to Evasion’s hotel offer. While the first stage focuses on Evasion’s beautiful hotels in Asia, the second stage emphasizes the international dimension of Evasion’s offer with breathtaking views from hotels all around the world.

Upon completion of both stages, players can register to the event and try to win a trip to London or a stay in Taipei. As a members-only event, users have to use or create their Evasion account to enter the contest. Targeting members, this game helps increase awareness about several Evasion hotels, while it creates brand awareness among new members.

Try your luck here until July 17th: