Are you ready for the New Normal? 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we have been studying the situation for our clients. Based on the number of data collected, we started to create reports for global brands explaining the situation, changes in customer behaviors, and new trends in South Korea, with customized recommendations from our experts on their digital strategy. 

In this post, we decided to give away some of the insights we gathered from our studies to give a preview of what we can achieve for you. If you are interested in getting a customized report for your own brand, contact our team in the form below!

The prolonged COVID-19 situation impacted many parts of our lives and caused changes in every aspect, including our economy, the way we interact with each other, or how we spend our time and enjoy ourselves. Despite South Korea being the second country with the most cases after China by February, the number of cases is controlled and Koreans are living in what we call a New Normal since May.

Unlike other countries, South Korea never implemented a population lock-down. From February to mid-April, a social distancing recommendation was issued by the government leading to school and universities closing alongside remote-work implementation for most businesses. Since May, social distancing is eased, employees are back to their offices and schools reopened during June. However, as there were still cases and people were careful of a second wave, it was still difficult to hang out, enjoy outdoor activities or travel. Currently undergoing the second wave, South Korea returned to strict social distancing, especially in the Greater Seoul area. To cope with the prolonged situation, Koreans adapted and new trends emerged to enjoy time indoors with a pick of online activities and services.

As people spend more time online, Digital Marketing is now more important than ever, and brands need to evaluate their service and activity to see if they meet the new consumer expectations fitting to the new normal trend. Whereas some of the changes that arose during the pandemic will quickly go back to the way they were before, some of the changes will prolong into the future and need to be understood. 


As Korean customers do more online shopping and spend more time on digital platforms, brands need to know about the specific digital ecosystem, the changes, and evolution that happened during the crisis to connect to them. Diversified from internet portals to big open market players and rising category killers, each platform has different content and user segments. Brands should know what content and channel MZ generation and other users segment use to get their attention. We gathered some key facts and insights to grasp the evolution of the South Korean digital ecosystem.

Following the increase in digital consumption, major platforms saw a record in sales and views. In South Korea, the major media and sales channels followed their long-term strategy to develop more services for brands and expanded their offers often earlier than expected during the pandemic. 

Apart from already big players, some platforms had been rising before the pandemic which growth accelerated even more during the pandemic. Especially if the younger audience is the key target, such platforms are to be considered. We would recommend taking a look at some of those platforms whose users’ numbers and sales have risen dramatically since the beginning of the year.

The shift of media platforms also influenced what type of content consumers enjoy. To gain more engagement from customers, brands should understand what type of content Korean are interested in and will interact the most with. From the new trends that arose, it is undeniable that Korean customers are more and more concerned with the high level of services and content provided before and after the purchase.


Past crises always created changes and opportunities, and COVID-19 is now opening growth chances for digital platforms and their services. Digital literacy and usages accelerated for all ages and consumer groups, especially in Korea. Due to this fast development, big digital platforms are stronger and bigger than ever.  Today, a digitalized consumer journey is the default bottom line and as touchpoints evolved, brands must identify relevant changes. 

Depending on your industry and target market, our experts are there to provide you with the best advice and insights to adapt your digital strategy and customer touchpoints.

Behind the report / Post COVID-19 Insight Report – What’s on it?

Digital activities are now a must-have in South Korea for all brands. We saw important changes in the trends and customers’ behaviors, changing the touchpoints, and the way brands can attract and interact with customers. With our internal expertise, Asiance developed specific services to help brands adapt their digital ecosystem and strategy in South Korea, post-COVID-19. 

Asiance’s Post-COVID-19 Insight Report is a customized research report that highlights changes in customers’ behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Korea and emerging trends that impacted the digital scene. The research specifically focuses on the Korean digital ecosystem and provides insights through case studies in Korea. The report is then concluded with customized recommendations on how to adapt to post COVID-19 New Normal as a brand and properly maintain the relationship with customers.

Data: To understand customer behaviors and trends
Case Studies: To benchmark Brands and their actions in Korea
Pro Insights: To get customized recommendations from our experts